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We are committed to communicating with and responding quickly to the needs, interests and concerns of local communities. There are a number of ways in which you can get involved and be kept informed of developments.

  1. Email queries to: [email protected]
  2. Telephone the NnG project team on:
    0131 376 0900
  3. Write to EDF Renewables, United Kingdom, Atria One, 144 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EX.

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The NnG Offshore Wind Farm Installation Record

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

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Community leaflets

June 2021
September 2020
May 2020
November 2019

Offshore Construction Phase Notices

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0158_Contractor Report_Rev 9 230621

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0159_Vessel Report_Rev 20

Weekly Notices of Operations

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0266-Weekly Notice of Operations 057_100921-Rev 1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0263-Weekly Notice of Operations 055_270821-Rev1.0


NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0260-Weekly Notice of Operations 053_130821-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0259-Weekly Notice of Operations 052_060821-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0258-Weekly Notice of Operations 051_300721-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0256-Weekly Notice of Operations 050_230721-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0254-Weekly Notice of Operations 049_160721-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0251-Weekly Notice of Operations 048_090721-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0250-Weekly Notice of Operations 047_020721-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0249-Weekly Notice of Operations 046_250621-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0244-Weekly Notice of Operations 045_180621-Rev1.0


NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0236-Weekly Notice of Operations 043_040621-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0235-Weekly Notice of Operations 042_280521-Rev1.0


NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0232-Weekly Notice of Operations 040_140521-Rev1.0









NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0214-Weekly Notice of Operations 030_050321-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0213-Weekly Notice of Operations 030_050321-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0211-Weekly Notice of Operations 029_260221-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0208-Weekly Notice of Operations 028_190221-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0207-Weekly Notice of Operations 027_120221-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0206-Weekly Notice of Operations 026_050221-Rev1.0

NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0197-Weekly Notice of Operations 024_220121-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0195-Weekly Notice of Operations 023_150121-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0194-Weekly Notice of Operations 022_080121-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0192-Weekly Notice of Operations 021_241220-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0191-Weekly Notice of Operations 020_181220-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0190-Weekly Notice of Operations 019_111220-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0186-Weekly Notice of Operations 018_041220-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0184-Weekly Notice of Operations 016_201120-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0183-Weekly Notice of Operations 015_131120-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0180-Weekly Notice of Operations 014_061120-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0175-Weekly Notice of Operations 012_231020-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0169-Weekly Notice of Operations 010_091020-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0168-Weekly Notice of Operations 009_021020-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0167-Weekly Notice of Operations 008_250920-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0166-Weekly Notice of Operations 007_180920-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0165-Weekly Notice of Operations 006_110920-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0164-Weekly Notice of Operations 005_040920-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0163-Weekly Notice of Operations 004_280820-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0162-Weekly Notice of Operations 003_210820-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0161-Weekly Notice of Operations 002_140820-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0160 Weekly Notice of Operations 001_070820
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0174-Weekly Notice of Operations 011_161020-Rev1.0
NNG-NNG-ECF-NOT-0177-Weekly Notice of Operations 013_301020-Rev1.0


NnG O&M Base Consultation

NnG Operations Base Pre-planning Event (1st October 2020)

NnG O&M Pontoon PAC Notice
O&M Pontoon Consultation - Supporting Information

NnG Operations Base Pre-planning Event (16th January 2020)

NnG Operations Base storyboards PDF


Offshore Consent Application – March 2018

A new application for consent was submitted to Marine Scotland in March 2018. This application allows for an updated design for the offshore elements of the project to incorporate recent advances in technology. Central to this is the inclusion of larger turbines, meaning that fewer turbines are required to generate the same output. The updated design comprises a maximum of 54 turbines, compared with the maximum of 125 turbines in the original application - December 2018.

Offshore Consent Application – March 2018

Offshore Consent Application, Addendum – August 2018

Offshore Section 36 Consent Variation Application – January 2019

Scoping Reports

Environmental Statements

Offshore Section 36 Consent Variation

Offshore Section 36 Consent Variation

Project Brochures

Project Brochure (PDF)

Generation Licence

Generation Licence Application (PDF)

Schedule 9 Statement

Schedule 9 Statements (PDF)

Offshore Decommissioning Programme

NnG Offshore Decommissioning Programme (PDF)

Notice to Mariners

Safety Zone Application

NnG Operations Base Pre-planning Event (16th January 2020)

NnG Supply Chain Event presentations