Performance Analyst role available with NnG team at O&M base in Eyemouth

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Location: Eyemouth
Competitive: Salary & Benefits
Contract Type: Full Time – Permanent
Closing Date: 25th May 2023

What’s the scope of the role?

As Performance Analyst you will be responsible for running the regular processes, checks and validations that are associated with operating a large-scale offshore wind farm. This will include producing, monitoring and updating the asset performance reports that are critical to the successful operation of the wind farm.

The role will also involve ensuring that the site operates in a properly controlled way, so key checks and validations will be performed to ensure we are operating in an accurate and appropriated manner. This all underpins the key objective of maximising operational assets value through to the end of the assets’ life. Asset Operations provide the thinking, analysis, validation, and competitor comparison to challenge and improve performance ensuring optimum return for shareholders.

Along with the day-to-day analytics, the Performance Analyst will support the continual improvement of the team and site operations through technical development of systems, tools, models and adoption of industry leading techniques and technologies.

What you’ll be doing day to day. 

You’ll be responsible for integration of the NnG windfarm into the wider EDF- RE Operational Portfolio. Co-ordinating with NnG Construction team and SCADA Lead to ensure the Operational Performance team is ready and able to perform its required responsibilities and for delivering and maintaining the strategy and implementation of the systems and tools necessary for the Performance team to carry out its operational and performance analysis and reporting activities. Responsible for overall design, build and maintenance of the tools required for the Operations team, linking numerous SCADA and PI data sources with Excel/MS Access/Tableau/R models, and bespoke software products as necessary.

  • Daily monitoring of the portfolio ensuring the quality of the data used by the Asset Performance team is clean and accurate,
  • Validating, and correcting data problems with meters, systems and reports.
  • Responsible for the production of regular turbine level Power Curve analysis that ensures that WTGs are performing to at
  • least the manufacturer’s Warranted Power Curve levels.
  • Support the Asset Manager, to meet contractual Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) obligations of the windfarm, validating
  • the data inputs and calculations to ensure that payments are accurate and made on time. These PPAs are the primary source
  • of income for the windfarm and are a critical contract to be managed.
  • Monthly validation of site arrangements with National Grid including Balancing Mechanism activities and Reactive Power
  • Services Agreement.
  • Provide support to ensure the site is compliant with its REMIT obligations. Maintaining policy, tracking windfarm registration
  • with ACER and ensuring EDFR does not breach the obligations of both Transaction Transparency and Availability Reporting.
  • Additional compliance also required ensuring the operational obligations and requirements of the wind farms are met with
  • Ofgem and the Renewable Obligation Order (RO) and REGO certificates, submissions (BEIS O&G authority) and TOGA
  • submissions to NGrid, and obligations under the CFD and LCCC arrangements.

For further information and guidance on how to apply for this exciting role, head over to the EDF Renewables UK job page here.