NnG supply chain case study – StormGeo


The latest in our Scottish supply chain series, showcasing the important part it is playing in the development and construction of NnG, is StormGeo.

From its office in Aberdeen, StormGeo has a large team of dedicated experts who provide weather intelligence and advanced data science to a range of sectors.

StormGeo started work on NnG in April last year providing the project with four daily weather forecasts and access to an online web-based portal that can be viewed at any time. This portal contains the most up to date weather charts and data.

The information provided by StormGeo allows the NnG project team to make important decisions on what vessels can navigate in and around the site of the offshore wind farm. Vessels are bound by different weather thresholds. Depending on the vessel, some can operate at wave heights of 3.5m while others can only operate when waves reach a maximum height of 1.5m.

The bulk of StormGeo’s work is across three sectors – shipping, oil and gas and renewable energy. In Scotland, approximately 15% of their work comes from renewable energy.

Sarah Miller, Project Manager at StormGeo’s Aberdeen office, said: “We’ve been working on NnG for just over a year now providing regular weather forecasts to the project team.

“We use model driven data and artificial intelligence to create the most accurate forecasts possible. This allows the NnG project team to make important decisions each day knowing they have the most up to date information at hand.

“Because of working on huge projects like NnG, we have seen the renewable energy side of our business grow to become a major focus for us in Scotland.”

StormGeo also work closely with Partrac who we featured in week one of our series.