NnG supply chain case study – Merrick Training

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Our series highlighting how the Scottish supply chain will play a significant role in the construction of NnG continues with a showcase on Merrick Training, based in Dumfries and Galloway.

Merrick Training has been working in the renewable energy sector for the last seven years and started to help develop some of the NnG project team last year.

During construction of NnG, some members of the project will be required to manoeuvre industrial and off-road vehicles in difficult driving conditions and navigate through narrow access roads in rural locations. This is where the expertise of Merrick Training comes in.

Through a comprehensive programme of practical and classroom exercises, Merrick Training will provide the NnG project team with all the necessary skills needed to drive these types of vehicles in challenging conditions.

Alistair McGarry, Director and Senior Instructor of Merrick Training, said: “Many of the construction teams working on NnG have been trained by us to handle 4×4 vehicles on the typical terrains you will find at substations and windfarms.

“A lot of the plant operators involved in the development of NnG have also received training from us, so the windfarm has provided us with many opportunities.

“COVID-19 has created uncertainty for a lot of businesses, but we do know that there will always be a need for training. We’re looking to accommodate reduced classroom sizes and are confident there are appropriate and safe solutions to provide the required training for the NnG project.

“We’re excited to see the renewable sector grow in the way it has and as we see more offshore wind farms like NnG go into construction we would love to be a big part of that.”